Botlink’s Web Portal Updates


Flight Types

A little bit ago we updated how the upload flow works. You now need to select what type of Flight you want. They are split up into three different types; Survey, Vegetation Index, and 3D Model. This change will also pave the way for us to add additional types in the future.


Flight View

One of the biggest changes we've made is to the Flight View. You now have more flexibility with your measurements. You can independently give them a title, edit the shape, change it a specific color, and select which ones are visible.

new_sidebar (1).gif

3D Viewer

For Vegetation Index and 3D Model uploads we now generate the files needed to create a 3D visualization of your imagery. Simply press the 3D tab to load the Sketchfab plugin.

sketchfab (3d viewer).gif


Another major added feature is the new and improved Volumetrics. Now when drawing an Area the calculated volume will also display. We've also given you the margin of error so that way you have a sense of how accurate the measurement is.


NDVI Scale

A feature we've had customers ask about for a while is to add the NDVI scale to the portal. Now while viewing the NDVI imagery there will be a scale with the NDVI values displayed under the correlating color.


Download Options

With the addition of the Flight Types we now have a way to deliver more files to you the user. To make this as easy as possible we've updated how you receive your data. Now when you click the Download button, you'll be presented with a list of file types. Simply check the items you want, the email address you want them delivered to, and you'll receive a zipped folder of your selected files.