AgEagle RX-48


AgEagle RX-48


The AgEagle RX48 is a durable, lightweight drone made for professional use. With the capabilities to capture NIR/NDVI aerial maps, it’s ideal for agriculture and farming. Worried about possibly crashing your drone? No worries, AgEagle built this drone to be “tractor tough! Plus, theres no need for a launcher. Just shake and release!

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Product Specs:

Max. Flight time (minutes): 60 minutes

Max. Speed (mph): 33 mph

Max. Wind Resistance (mph): 42 mph

Weight With Battery, Prop, and Payload (lbs): 4 lbs

Battery Type and Capacity (mAh): LiPo, 6600

Swappable Camera: No

Supported Cameras/Sensors: Sentera Single

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