Tuffwing UAV Mapper


Tuffwing UAV Mapper


It says it all right in the name. This UAV is tough (or “Tuff!”). Built with EPP foam and reinforced by carbon fiber tubes, the Tuffwing is tough to beat. In a single charge, it can stay in the air for an impressive 40 minutes. And with it’s unique design, it flies better in strong winds than a traditional airplane. When you need large areas of land covered in a short amount of time, few UAVs are as up for the challenge as the Tuffwing.

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Product Specs:

Max. Flight time (minutes): 45 minutes

Max. Wind Resistance (mph): unspecified

Weight With Battery, Prop, and Payload (lbs): 4.2 lbs

Battery Type and Capacity (mAh): LiPo, 6200

Swappable Camera: Yes

Supported Cameras/Sensors: Sony NEX5, Sony a6000, Canon s110

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