4G LTE Cellular Drone Control From Any Location

The Botlink XRD allows drone operators to control and monitor their drones using a 4G LTE connection from anywhere in the world through the cloud. The Botlink XRD system consists of two components — a desktop or laptop based connection application, and a small hardware device on the drone, making integration simple and effective.


Botlink Tray App

The Botlink Tray App is an app that runs on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop or laptop that handles the process of connecting to your drone using the Botlink system. Once the Botlink Tray App is running, connecting to a drone is as simple as launching the ground control software.



The architecture of the Botlink XRD system makes it easy to integrate custom applications for command and control and payload control. The Botlink connection application provides a TCP or UDP stream for custom application programmers to use to interact with their drone over the 4G LTE cellular network.



No more swapping SD cards. XRD (eXtended Range Data) has a feature allowing pilots to integrate a camera with the XRD device giving the pilot the ability to process the photos as the drone is taking them.



The Botlink XRD system is designed to be compatible with common drone autopilots that support serial communication and the MAVLink protocol, such as the Pixhawk, as well as common ground control stations like QGroundControl.

Secure Drone Operations

The Botlink XRD system adds another layer of security to your drone operations.

End-to-end encryption

All command and control data processed by the Botlink XRD system is encrypted before being sent between the operator and the drone. This lets you spend less time worrying about eavesdropping and hostile takeovers, and more time getting the mission accomplished.

Built-in authentication

The Botlink XRD system helps you ensure that only authorized individuals are able to connect to your drone. Each XRD has a unique signature that is used to identify and authenticate it in the Botlink network, and every operator must log in and authenticate before they are allowed to connect to their drone using the Botlink network.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight ready

The Botlink XRD enables operators to fly their drones anywhere they have 4G LTE cellular coverage and an internet connection. Around the corner or across the globe, the Botlink XRD system gives you the freedom to operate your drone reliably and securely.

Supported Drone Configurations

The XRD is compatible with drone types that use MAVLink autopilots such as the Pixhawk, Pixhawk 2, and ArduPilot Mega, as well as homegrown solutions.







QGroundControl Support

The Botlink XRD system can be used to add cellular command and control capabilities using QGroundControl, meaning you can keep using the application you’re familiar with to enable drone operations.

Size and Weight

2.9 x 2.2 x 0.87 inches
73.6 x 55.9 x 22.1 mm
59 gm

Tech Specs

3 Micro USB Ports
4GB Flash / 1GB DDR3 Memory
Dual Core Processor
1 Micro SD Card Slot



4G LTE Cellular + WiFi Connectivity
100 Mbps down/50 Mbps up


XT-60 Connector
5.46V to 30.19V battery cells
1.5W typical power consumption
Up to 10W +2.5W per USB port


Make sure to be familiar with your local aviation authority’s rules and regulations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations.

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