Pollution Monitoring Drone

The Botlink air quality monitoring drone was designed for mapping of pollution gases and particulates. Originally designed for the US Army in Africa, the air quality drone combines off-the-shelf hardware into a powerful aerial tool. Botlink has years of experience in engineering UAS integration solutions for customers.

There are multiple applications for measuring pollution content of ambient air, including: urban air quality network, industrial emission monitoring, safety monitoring, roadside monitoring, and air quality research.

AceCore Zoe UAV Features

  • Dimensions - 27.55” x 27.55” x 19.48”

  • Max Payload - 14.33 lbs

  • Max Flight Time - Max. 40 minutes

  • Wind Sustainability - 35 knots

  • Max Take Off Weight - 26.3 lbs

  • Full Zoe Specifications



Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT400 Series Features

  • Measures the four most common urban air pollutants: NO2, SO2, CO, and O3

  • Intelligent algorithms that compensate for environmental conditions and for the aging of the sensor element

  • Compact design that’s easy to deploy in the field

  • Low power consumption (typically 0.5 W)

  • Wireless Internet connection with Vaisala Multi-Observation Gateway MOG100

  • RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces for local connectivity

  • Easy integration and open API