Harness the Power of the Botlink Capture App

Utilize the power of drones and Botlink’s automated drone flight software to capture images of your job site making your work easier.


Photo and Video

Automatically capture still photos for high-definition maps or stream live video from your drone.


Faster Mapping

Use your own drone when it is convenient for your schedule. Quickly connect your drone and fly flight plans to capture high-definition maps.


Tap and Fly

Plan flights with the touch of a finger. Botlink Capture lets you automate flights from takeoff to landing. 


Built Mobile First

The Botlink Capture Android app is meticulously crafted to work seamlessly on a phone or tablet with no sacrifice of features, information or usability.


Smarter flight planning

Not all work sites are created equal. Choose the survey template that’s right for the job and simply drag and drop a flight plan. Save flight plans to fly again and track your work site over time. For more information on flight planning with Botlink Capture, check out our walkthrough.


Seamless drone connection

Easily connect to the most common DJI™ and MAVLink drones and save multiple drone profiles to quickly select the right drone for the job without having to change parameters every time. We have a ton of information specific to setting up drone connections on our support page - click here to find the perfect article for your specific UAV.


Location Aware Flight Plans

Get in the air faster and easier with our location aware flight plans. Once you’re near your job site, power on your drone and fly.


Re-imagined Flight Capture

Say goodbye to complicated flight control. Takeoff, landing, and everything in between is 100% automated. Pause and resume flights with a tap, track flight progress, and monitor your drone. Check out our First Flight walkthrough to get a great understanding of the entire process - it really is designed to be as easy and accessible at possible.

Continue Where You Left Off

You’ve got a big job to do, and we’ll help you do it right. When the area you’re mapping is larger than your drone battery or line-of-sight regulations allow, simply land, swap batteries, and resume without losing your flight progress.

Contact us to see what Botlink can do for you and your business.