At Botlink, we see the potential drones have for
commercial applications.


We've developed automated flight software to make work easier and more accurate, while saving time and money for agriculture and aggregate companies. 



Capture high-def photos from the sky. 


Process your photos to create detailed maps. 


Analyze and share your data in bold new ways. 


Respond and take action in real time.




Connect Drones Seamlessly

Connect to the most common DJI and MAVLink drones available and save multiple profiles in the Botlink app to select the right drone for the right job.

Flight Control Reimagined

Experience fully automated takeoffs, landings and everything in-between with the Botlink Capture app. Enjoy the power to fully automate cameras, sensors and even live video to make sure you never miss
a shot.

Flight Planning Made Simple

Choose the type of survey you want and simply drag and drop to create a unique and customizable flight plan. Then save your plans to quickly take to the skies and track your site over time, whenever you want.

Pick Up Right Where You Left Off

You’ve got a big job to do, and we’ll help you do it right. When the area you’re mapping is larger than your drone battery or line-of-site regulations allow, simply land, swap batteries and resume without losing your flight progress.



3D Model

High-Definition Maps

After capturing imagery, turn your entire site into a single, high-definition orthomosaic image. This means more detailed modeling and map creation, which leads to better project management, a safer worksite and increased efficiency at your job.

Terrain Models

Terrain models are perfect for discovering high and low points of an area and for quickly identifying any potential drainage problems that may arise.

Vegetation Index

Generate NDVI maps with the imagery captured from your drone. Easily detect stressed, diseased and unhealthy crops that the naked eye can’t see. Find clear solutions and take action in minutes, not days
or weeks. 

3D Models

Develop incredible 3D maps with Botlink’s mapping software and transform the way you look at data. Zoom in, rotate, analyze terrain from any angle and take accurate volumetric measurements without having to leave your tablet or computer.



Area Measurement

Measuring large areas of land has never been easier. Area flights allow you to cover ground quickly and efficiently and create highly detailed maps.

Annotations and Comments

Effortlessly collaborate on projects by sharing notes and location specific comments and annotations with your colleagues and clients.


Get accurate distance measurements with just a few clicks of a button right from your desktop or tablet.

Linear Measurement

Map utility lines, roads and rivers with ease. Select the area on your screen and gather precise data to use on demand.


Discover the calculated area and margin of error on any work site aggregate pile. Find out how valuable the aggregate piles at your work site are and get the data you need within hours, not weeks.



Track Your Projects

Organize your flights in the Botlink app by folder according to location and date for easy accessibility. Keep track of all of your projects over time and access your
maps anywhere there’s an
internet connection.

Integrate With Apps

We make it easy to export your files to the industry standard software that you already use.
Our integrations help streamline your workflow and gain expert insight with tools you’re already familiar with.

Export How You Want

The Botlink app was built to be versatile. Engage with your data in the exact way you want to. Enjoy the freedom to export to a wide variety of file types to analyze maps with ease.

Respond In Less Time

Botlink gives you the ability to respond to changing conditions on the fly. Increase efficiency and productivity on your work site while saving both time and money.



Agriculture & Farming

Aggregates & Mining

Botlink Uses Its Automated Drone Flight Software for Integration Pilot Program