Aggregate Inventory Management Software

Easily organize multiple products, sites, and flights in one location. Keep track of inventory, view site details, and generate reports with Botlink’s inventory management solution.

“I’m using Botlink for stockpile volume measurements and near-real time images for productions crews. I like the ease of use – simple and straight-forward and incredibly responsive support. Contour maps exporting in metric units is something I’d like to see changed. I would absolutely recommend Botlink – it’s a great value. “

Paul G. – Technical Services Director – Lannon Stone Products, Inc.

Track multiples sites across entire company

Track Multiple Sites

Keep your data organized by tracking on a site-by-site basis. Give your site managers a dashboard to view their products, track measurements and generate reports. View historical data and past reports. Summarize product totals and compare with sales reports. Assign product values and weights.

  • Summarize product data

  • View site details

  • Assign products to site

  • View linked flights

  • Generate volume and weight data

  • Customize product attributes

  • Generate reports

Manage Multiple Products:

Track and manage your inventory across all sites. Assign product attributes, such as weight and value. Generate reports for your specific products. Assign identification numbers and color code your products. Compare volume calculations to sales numbers.

  • Manage your products

  • View product details

  • Assign product attributes

  • View product summary data

  • Generate reports

Manage products across multiple sites and pits

View all flights across a company

View All Company Flights

View all company drone flights in one place. Organize flights through an intuitive folder system. Link folders to 3rd party integrations for increased workflow efficiency. Preview flights and upload new data. Link flights to sites. Create new measurements and link to products. View your data through interactive 3D models.

  • Data upload

  • Folder organization structure

  • Photo-orthomosaic map

  • Digital Surface Models

  • 3D Models

  • Link measurement

Quickly create and share reports

Create and Share Reports

Export site and product data in easy to share PDF reports. Display site map with drone image data overlay. Display measurement shapes on map with associated data table. Color code products for quick data interpretation.

  • Export PDF reports

  • See photo-orthomosaic map

  • Connect product data table to measurements

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