Introducing Flight Sharing

Introducing Botlink’s newest feature: Flight Sharing. Botlink’s latest update allows you to share your missions, flight data, measurements, and annotations with clients and colleagues in just a few simple steps. They don’t even need to have the Botlink app!



Measure. Annotate. Collaborate.

Continue organizing your flights in the Botlink app by folder for continued easy accessibility. Measure distances and areas, while leaving annotations and notes to help make better business decisions. Start by clicking on the share button.

Click on the icon in the red circle to access the share feature.   

Click on the icon in the red circle to access the share feature.


A closer look at the share feature.

A closer look at the share feature.


Share Missions

In just a few simple steps, share missions, measurements, and annotations with anyone. Begin the process by clicking the blue “share” button, which we’ve circled above in red. A window will then appear allowing you to toggle “Link sharing on” to the “on” position. Copy the link to share and send to your clients and colleagues.



Password Enabled

Put your mind at ease with password enabling. Create and share a unique password for individual missions to keep personal information private and secure.



Once You’ve Shared

Your clients and colleagues are able to view missions, measurements, and annotations without even creating a Botlink account. They can view the same NDVI, survey, and 3D maps that you have generated as well.

Whether it’s getting a second opinion from a colleague, sharing information with a client about their property, or showing off your work to family and friends (yeah, it’s pretty cool stuff!), Botlink’s new feature is there to help.

Already incorporated into the app, there is no extra downloading or purchasing necessary. Whew! Your job just got a whole lot easier. Just follow the simple steps above and take your work to a whole new level.