Botlink Software to be used at IPP Event

On September 18, 2018 Botlink along with North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS) announced the second phase of testing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in Fargo. Working in conjunction with CNN, ParaZero, the NDDOT and NPUASTS, we are performing the second series of test flights of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for potential flight over a group of people in controlled airspace. This second phase will take place on September 29th at the NDSU football game tailgate. On this day, we will fly drones over-top of the tailgaters, capturing photos and footage of the event. We will be live streaming the flight on our Facebook page with Microsoft MSN.

This is the second phase of North Dakota’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program (IPP) which is designed to help the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) create new regulations that will enable the safe and secure integration of UAS (drones) into national airspace systems. It has a run-time of three years giving the FAA time to adjust plans already in effect or set new regulations as they see fit.

At Botlink, we developed an automated flight software allowing you to take high def photos from the sky and process those photos to create detailed maps. Analyze and share data with colleagues, friends, or family. After analyzing, take action and respond to the data that was presented. Botlink will use this software at the IPP event. We will be offering free demos and signing up individuals for our capture app which allows you to have fully automated takeoffs and landings. With our mapping software you can develop incredible 3D maps and transform the way you look at data. In addition to doing free demos, we will also have some of our drones that will be on display. Because of the endless opportunity and versatility of drones and drone software we are raising awareness and showing people firsthand, what they can do.

Botlink Location - Thunder Alley (Blue Box In Image Below).

Botlink will be set up on Thunder Alley at 8am and will be open until 2pm. We will be signing up individuals for a 14 day free trial allowing users to get the full experience of our software free of charge for a limited time.

Picture of FargoDome 29SEP18 jpeg.jpg