Smart Battery

Cell monitoring, balancing, protection and data capture integrated into a single lithium-ion battery.


Key Features:

  • Monitor battery health

  • Track cycle counts

  • Record discharge profiles

  • Record min/max voltage and current

  • Accurate, state-of-charge monitoring and reporting

  • LED Bar graph display for SoC and faults

  • Overvoltage and short-circuit protection per UN Sect. 38

  • Rugged: hard case, potted, overmolded electronics

  • Long cycle life (1k vs. 150 cycles)

  • Stores 12 hours of flight data

  • Stores critical lifetime information such as total usage and faults for warranty and overall pack health estimation

  • USB connectivity for computer/phone/tablet interface

  • CAN and 12C for in-flight data

Smart Charger

The innovate smart charger and fleet management software has been expertly designed to efficiently maintain a large fleet of batteries.

Smart Charger.png

Key Features:

  • Charge or discharge up to 4 batteries simultaneously

  • Notifies user when a battery should be replaced

  • Supports LiPo, LiHV, LiFe and LiIon chemistries

  • Heavy duty steel construction built to withstand a battery failure event

  • User adjustable charge and discharge profiles

  • Accurate state of charge estimation

  • When used with a Packet Digital smart battery, key battery parameters and battery performance can be evaluated throughout the life of the battery

  • Made in the USA

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