How to Find the Density of a Stockpile

Determining the density of the material on the ground is essential in finding the total tonnage. InSites offers a couple different avenues to ensure that your stockpile measurements are as accurate as possible.


To get volume numbers of sand, gravel, or crushed rock on the ground, InSites first needs tonnage per cubic yard to calculate the weight.

If you know the how many tons of materials are in a cubic yard, inputting that information is as simple as editing the drawn area, updated the density section, and clicking save.

If you don’t know the weight, one of the easiest ways to get a density is to measure out a cubic foot.

NOTE - It’s important to pull material from a few feet below the surface as that will be a more accurate representation of the pile’s moisture level throughout.

Once you have a cubic foot a material measured, find the weight minus the container, and take that number times 27. The resulting number is the weight of a cubic yard - which is what InSites needs to get you accurate tonnage on the ground.