10 Amazing Drone Photos You Need To See

Shooting photography at eye-level is cool and all but shooting from a bird’s eye view captures photography in an entirely new way. In recent years, drone photography has taken off. The unique perspective from a drone’s view offers some impressive and breathtaking shots that cannot be captured with normal, eye-level photography. We searched the internet on a mission to find some of the best drone photography out there and share it with you. We even included some short background information for each of the photos from the photographers! Here are our 10 favorite drone photos (in no particular order) that we found on our mission:

Aerial View of Multi-level Interchange in Shanghai


Photo by Denys Nevozhai | San Francisco, CA.

“I took the shot of this multi-level interchange in the downtown of Shanghai on my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. I'm usually nervous when flying a drone because I’ve had some accidents and crashes from when I wasn’t as familiar with flying. In the city it's not too obvious whether it's legal to fly so just in case I found a secluded area that was close to the interchange and piloted from there. That day I used two batteries and flew up to 500 M where I shot videos and stills of this interchange and nearby skyscrapers. This particular photo ended up the most successful as it had the best lighting. It was taken at an altitude of 320 M."

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Symbolizing Age with Aerial Shot of Field


Photo by Martin Reisch | Montreal

“This was one of the first images I took with my new drone (DJI Mavic Pro) at the time. I was trying to find the most secluded area to test out the new drone and when I came across this field I was amazed at how easily I could line up a completely flat visual from an aerial perspective. Once I saw that the angle worked, I decided to place myself at the UNDER THIRTY line as a joke to show that I was under 30 years old. I’m no longer 30, I just kind of liked the way it played and was a fun way to spice up the photo.”

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A Plane in the Woods


Photo by David Kovalenko | Vancouver, WA

“For this aerial shot, I used a DJI Mavic Pro. It was a relatively simple and straightforward process to take this picture. I just saw photos of the plane while browsing through Instagram, so I did some research to find out where it was located and saw that it wasn’t too far away from me. I made the trip out there to take some unique drone photos of the plane. After taking a few shots, this one turned out the best.”

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A Shipping Container from Above


Photo by Alex Anderson | Southampton, England

“In order to capture this image, I set out just to fly from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, England. As I was flying over there, this container ship was travelling into Southampton. I decided to stop my drone as the ship was going by to see how a photo would look. As I looked down, the container ship was just coming into frame of my drone camera. About 10 seconds later, after a bit of repositioning, this photo was taken. I have found that it's all about taking photos from different angles and this angle of the ship turned out really cool.”

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A Chemical-filled Lake


Photo by Micha Sager | Zürich, Switzerland

“I took this image with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro in Switzerland. For a better overall picture I set the camera to RAW Mode so that I could edit it later on in Photoshop. In my opinion, it's very useful to have photoshop for photography. The lake I captured here is actually a "trash-lake" from a nearby company. I am not sure what exactly is in the lake but I assume it’s polluted with chemicals. Even though the water was very clear and blue colored, the camera couldn't fully capture how it looked in person. Using photoshop, I made the blue tone more vibrant so it would better show the true color of the lake and overall the edits made it look closer to how it actually looks in real-life. The weather conditions were dry and cloudy the day I took this."

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Bird's Eye View of a Big Ol' Bridge in Washington


Photo by Greg Rakozy | Salt Lake City, UT

“I captured this photo when we were on a week long road trip along the coast from San Francisco to Squamish, BC. While we were going through Washington, we wanted to check out #ThatPNWBridge but were greeted by a sheriff giving out trespassing tickets for people trying to go there. We decided to skip that bridge and as we were driving up the road a little bit, we found this big ol' bridge and I decided to take some shots of it. I was able to capture this aerial photo using my DJI Phantom 3.”

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Catching Waves in the Maldives


Photo by Ishan | Maldives

“This was the first image I ever captured with a drone and the amazing aerial perspective is actually what pulled me into photography. It was in 2015 and I wasn’t even flying the drone at first. It was my friend flying but he was just flying for fun. While watching him, I saw a different perspective that caught my eye and asked him to give me the remote controller for 5 minutes. I made sure he watched me because I was afraid that the drone might fall. It didn’t fall and I was shocked to realize how easy it was to fly it. I believe I took this image in JPEG because at that time I didn’t know what a raw image was. I learnt a huge lesson from that. I always wanted to see from the sky but never had the guts to buy a drone because of some expensive price tags they had, but when I tried it my mind got rewired and I wanted to get one. This image was taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro."

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A View from Above


Photo by Greg Duprat | Toulouse, France

“I captured this aerial photo when my family and I were on the road to Oslo, Norway. We were driving along the landscape when we took this road to avoid tunnels (since my sister is scared of tunnels). I told my father who was driving the car to stop because I had a feeling that the road looked better from the sky. I took out the drone, flew it up and ended up capturing this image."

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A Cold and Frosty Morning in Fargo


Photo by Will DeHoogh, Botlink Pilot | Fargo, ND

“For this picture, I stopped by Island Park in Fargo, North Dakota just after sunrise in early November. There was a heavy frost overnight which always makes for some of my favorite pictures. I really like Island Park, just south of Downtown Fargo, for the historic tennis courts and other architecture that makes for interesting pictures. I was initially more interested in just capturing the frost on the trees. However, the high contrast of the red and green tennis courts against the frosty grass and trees caught my eye so I snapped some shots directly above the scene using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro with a Zenmuse X5 camera."

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A Latvian Sunrise


Photo by Alex Bergmanis | Latvia

“I took this particular photo with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro+. I captured the image right at sunrise in Riga, Latvia where I live. I’m usually sleeping at this time of the morning but for some reason I was awake and decided to take advantage of it by taking some photos. It turned out to the perfect morning for taking photos and this was the shot that turned out the best."

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There you have it, these were our 10 favorite drone photos found on our mission. If you like the photos above, be sure to check out the photographers’ other work. They have plenty more awesome drone photography that you can look at and enjoy.