Easily Process, Analyze, and Respond to your Images.

When finished capturing imagery with the Capture App, put your drone imagery to work by uploading to the Botlink InSites Web App. We have all the tools you need to analyze your work site. The InSites App offers many tools that let you respond to projects in less time.



Create valuable, high-definition maps to gather the exact data you need, saving you time and money. Botlink’s stitching process is one of the fastest available.



Gather measurements and volumetrics with the click of a button and collaborate with your colleagues using comments and annotations.


Easily organize flights by location and date, export in a variety of file types and integrate with industry software
you already use to
help streamline
your workflow.


It’s all about making your job easier. Botlink Insite was developed from the ground up with versatility and ease of use foremost in mind. With unmatched performance in the flight software industry, our app is one powerful tool for your work site. Create stunning, detail-rich maps that provide you with actionable data and innovate your day-to-day operations. Get an in-depth feel for each map type available in InSite in our Resource Section.


Turn your entire work site into a
single, detailed high-definition orthomosaic image.


Discover the high and low points of an area and quickly identify any potential drainage problems that may arise.

Vegetation Index

Easily detect stressed, diseased and unhealthy crops that the naked eye simply can’t detect.

3D Models

Transform the way you look at data with a 3D model and analyze terrain from any angle.


With a clear and user-friendly interface, you can view your data in bold, new ways. Discover accurate measurements and volumetric data. Find areas in your field that are lacking vital resources. Improve workflow and share your findings with colleagues and clients. Our Resource Section has detailed information on the tools available.

botlink inventory management system

Inventory Management System for Aggregate Industry

  • Track multiple sites

  • Manage multiple products

  • View all company flights

  • Generate volumetrics & tonnage

  • Customize product attributes

  • Export reports

  • Inventory Management Walkthrough


Tackling problems quickly and in an efficient manner is what Botlink InSites is all about. With the app, you can manage and organize your data the way you want. You know your work and what needs to get done, we're here to help you do it in an easier, more efficient way. Enjoy the ability to customize and manage folders and add comments to communicate with clients and colleagues. Keep track of jobs over time and view their progress. Be as flexible as you want and experience the power of Botlink. Check out Botlink’s Help Center for a full resource list to help you get started using Botlink InSites.


Harness the Power of The Botlink InSites Web App