Enclave Development and Botlink partner to explore new opportunities for drones in construction

FARGO, N.D. July 11, 2017 — Enclave Development and Botlink have entered into a collaborative agreement to test and evaluate existing and potentially new uses for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or drones in the construction industry, with the goal of saving contractors time and money.

Construction companies are already seeing the benefits of integrating drones into their workflows. Our approach is to gather more definitive data and user case studies to help educate more potential users about how to best apply this new technology to their projects and what specific ROI they can achieve. We want to change the mindset from thinking of drones as toys to thinking of them as valuable tools on the job site.
— Alex Kube, Chief Strategy Officer

Enclave Development has given permission for Botlink pilots to periodically fly drones over its construction sites and collect aerial imagery. Botlink will use its proprietary flight planning and data processing software to stitch aerial photos into high-definition orthomosaic maps and 3-D models Enclave Development employees can then use to analyze, collaborate and make more informed decisions about their projects.

Botlink will collect aerial imagery from the beginning to the end of Enclave Development projects to demonstrate the usefulness of drones throughout the construction process.

Several applications the companies intend to evaluate include, surveys and digital surface modeling to identify drainage issues and 3-D volumetrics of aggregate piles to assist with excavation and monitor throughput of dirt hauling. Drones can also provide safety monitoring around construction sites and gather aerial photos and video for marketing purposes.

Botlink’s cloud-based image processing and web-based tools provide managers options for taking measurements and annotating maps, organizing project photos, monitoring progress over time and sharing aerial images for more collaborative decisions.
— Alex Kube, Chief Strategy Officer


Botlink and Enclave Development will explore all these potential use cases and more, and publish ongoing cases studies to help other construction companies understand how they might benefit from drone technology.

About Enclave Development

As one of the region’s foremost dense-living and mixed-use developers, Enclave Development, LLC, specializes in creating and building some of region’s finest “live, work, and play” communities. Enclave and its team of real estate, development, construction, and property management experts leverage technology every day to continue to push the boundaries of efficiency and collaboration to accomplish its development work in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The partnership with Botlink to explore the implementation of drone technology to further advance construction and development oversight was a simple decision, one that easily aligns with its team members’ desire to stay at the forefront of technology to manage challenging projects across all levels.

About Botlink

Botlink is a user-friendly control, safety, and data delivery platform that makes integrating drones into workflow simple and affordable, giving customers the real-time insight they need to make business decisions. Botlink integrates with users' existing industry analysis tools, while eliminating the problems that prevent many users from incorporating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology, such as a lack of aviation knowledge, stringent FAA flight guidelines and limited aircraft endurance.

Enclave Development and Botlink are both based in Fargo, N.D.