Botlink featured at the InfoAg Precision Agriculture Conference in St. Louis, MO

Members of the Botlink team to promote and demonstrate Botlink’s drone software features and announce new partnerships to the estimated 2,000 conference attendees

FARGO, N.D. July 21, 2017— Botlink to attend the InfoAg Conference July 25th-27th 2017 at the Union Station in St. Louis, MO. The InfoAg Conference is a premier event for discussion and advancement of precision agriculture. With over 1600 attendees last year, the conference benefits anyone interested in precision agriculture by showcasing unique perspectives, new technologies, and new products in the industry. Botlink members will be attending to demonstrate the Botlink drone software solution and discuss its agricultural applications, highlight new features, and announce new partnerships to the conference attendees.

Botlink is changing precision agriculture. Drones offer a promising alternative as a more versatile, accessible, and precise means for growers to capture aerial imagery. Botlink’s drone software addresses current shortcomings in drone operation platforms, to provide an efficient and effective means to capture actionable data and increase yield for farmers and agronomists.

With the ability to scout crops more efficiently and effectively, I was able to increase yields by 10 bushels per acre.
— Herbert Dowse, Agronomist

On Monday, July 25th, there will be a pre-conference tour that will visit three locations, highlighting a wide range of new technology. Botlink will be featured during the Unmanned Aircraft Systems demonstrations and will discuss the Botlink software platform, demonstrate how to fly a Botlink-powered DJI Phantom with Botlink’s drone control software, and will also field questions during a Q&A session. Conference attendees are encouraged to take part in the demonstration to witness the simplicity of flying drones with Botlink and learn more about the numerous applications drones offer for precision agriculture.

The following two days of the conference will consist of various exhibits from the leading agricultural technology companies in the U.S. Botlink is located at booth 144 and will  showcase the Botlink-powered DJI Phantom drone controlled by the Botlink app, a Botlink XRD enabled AgEagle drone, video demonstrations, and will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of incorporating the company’s cutting edge technology into agriculture.

Botlink will also be announcing the new integration with the agX Platform. This integration makes it quick and easy for farmers and agronomists to put their drone data to work with the SST software solutions they are already familiar with, including SST Summit®, FarmRite® and Sirrus® which can be used with SST Analytics® software.

The quick and seamless transfer of precision aerial imagery from drones flown using Botlink to applications compatible with agX will help agronomists cover more ground accurately and efficiently. Drones that professional agronomists use today are now essential tools to improve crop efficiencies.”
— Terri Zimmerman, CEO


Find Botlink at the InfoAg Conference July 25th-27th at the Union Station, St. Louis, MO.

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About Botlink

Botlink is an end-to-end drone system with software to plan and automate flights, capture aerial images and sensor data, process raw imagery into high-definition maps, and distribute maps and data to industry-standard software. Botlink hardware can upload and distribute data in real-time over a cellular network. The Botlink system makes it easy for farmers, agronomists, and ranchers to fly, view, and organize aerial maps of their entire fields in one place and export them to Ag Leader SMS, agX SST, and other precision ag software to pinpoint crop health and prescribe applications only where needed, saving time and money.