Capture Fast, Accurate Stockpile Measurements While Saving Time & Money

Botlink’s stockpile measurement tool is about to evolve your work site. Increase frequency of data collection. Lower your costs. Discover the size of stockpiles
within minutes.  


Enhance Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory on a consistent basis. Don’t wait days or weeks to get your data back.


Obtain Accurate Measurement

Quickly and accurately define volumes for stockpiles, blasting, stripping and other mining operations.


Improve Worker Safety

Ensure employees stay out of harm’s way by keeping them off of unstable and dangerous piles.  


Save Both Time and Money

Avoid paying exorbitant aerial flyovers fees. Fly a site in minutes and retrieve measurements the same day.


It’s Time to Evolve the Work Site

Spending thousands of dollars to weigh individual stockpiles is a thing of the past. With a drone and Botlink’s pile measurement tool, you can fly your site on your time. It’s just as accurate as traditional means at a fraction of the cost. Best of all? Get your data back in real time.


 Benefits of Botlink For Your Work Site:

  • Improve planning and operations

  • Create detailed inventory reports

  • Validate or update mine engineering design plans

  • Export the volume, density and tonnage directly to ERP systems or Excel

  • Accurately calculate volume and manage materials

  • MSHA compliant


Improve Workflow and Safety

Team members can easily generate automated stockpile inventory management reports for auditors. That includes the volume material type, density, tonnage and other tracking notes for every stockpile.

Mine worker safety is increased by keeping employees off of unstable and dangerous piles. This doesn’t mean quality is sacrificed. Evaluate onsite conditions of blast areas, benches and haul roads using high-resolution imagery with accuracies down to .5 cm per pixel.

Get Started to Make Your Stockpile Measurement Easier With Drones