DJI™ Phantom 3 Pro


DJI™ Phantom 3 Pro


Compatible with Botlink Capture App on IOS and Android

Compatible with Botlink InSites Software

There’s a reason the Phantom series has become so popular with drone enthusiasts of all kinds. They’re reliable, incredibly user-friendly and cost-effective. The Phantom 3 Pro may be a couple years old, but it’s more than capable of being an effective workhorse at any job site. It shoots beautiful 4K footage and the battery life will keep you in the air for over 20 minutes at a time.

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Product Specs:

Max. Flight time (minutes): 23 min

Max. Speed (mph): 36 mph

Max. Wind Resistance (mph): 22 mph

Weight With Battery and Prop (lbs): 2.82 lbs

Battery Type and Capacity (mAh): LiPo, 4480

Swappable Camera: No

Sadly, the Phantom 3 Pro is discontinued...However, if you already own one, we support it!

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