Drone for Adaptive Reconnaissance and Tactics

The compact and stealthy Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) was designed with versatility foremost in mind. Built for field use, the DART is an innovative payload system that is the ideal solution for vital operations. The DART is a powerful, yet simple and easy-to-use system controlled through a specially designed mobile app. The DART provides customization options and the ability to integrate with the Botlink platform to add mission planning and data processing.


Real Time images

Capture high-quality still images even in low light conditions.


Two-Way Audio

Agents and remote subjects can clearly communicate directly through the UAS.


Adaptable Lights

A dimmable 400lm LED floodlight produces a dazzling light.


Narrow Beam Red Light

Project an eye-safe super bright beam to provide for distraction.


Bidirectional Voice Communications

Two-way audio enabled through the sUAS, allowing for communication between agents and remote subjects. Directional and omnidirectional microphones featuring noise filters, loudspeaker and push-to-talk and audio recording via the mobile app. A long range encrypted wireless (up to 1km) communication featuring user configurable encryption keys.


Versatile and Compatible

The DART is compatible with industry-leading DJI™ drones - Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and Matrice series.

DART app.png

Intuitive App

Easily control each unique feature of the DART from a custom made app. 

Tactical Payload Features

  • Self-contained power

  • Long range encrypted wireless (up to 1km) communication

  • Bidirectional voice communications: directional and omnidirectional microphones with noise filters, loudspeaker, and push-to-talk and audio recording via mobile app

  • Dimmable 400lm LED floodlight with dazzling feature

  • Dimmable infrared LED floodlight for low light camera operation

  • Eye-safe super bright narrow beam red LED for distraction

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