DJI™ Mavic Pro


DJI™ Mavic Pro


Compatible with Botlink Capture App on IOS and Android

Compatible with Botlink InSites Software

The DJI™ Mavic Pro is a small, compact size drone (DJI's first foldable one) that packs a punch. It has a sophisticated camera, capable of shooting impressive high-definition photos and video. Another cool benefit is of the Mavic is it's innovative obstacle avoidance system, which helps prevent the drone from crashing. It has five vision sensors, a 4K camera, and a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. From beginners to the advanced pilots, the Mavic Pro is a versatile and affordable choice to fly with. 

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Product Specs:

Max. Flight time (minutes): 27 minutes

Max. Speed (mph): 40 mph

Max. Wind Resistance (mph): 22 mph

Weight With Battery and Prop (lbs): 1.6 lbs

Battery Type and Capacity (mAh): LiPo, 3830

Swappable Camera: No

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