Drone Profiles, Connections, and Cameras 


Most UAS pilots have more than one air frame that they fly with and a whole host of sensors on board. We created a system to help you keep everything as organized as possible. Keep reading to become a Botlink Wiz and fly with as little monkey business as possible!

Drone Profiles

The first step to being able to fly is creating a Drone Profile which once set up will allow you to get up in the air faster than ever before. To start, tap the Add button to create a new profile and give this newly created profile a name. This is helpful to differentiate between multiple air frames.



Once you have created a Drone Profile the next step is to define the Connection. This tells Botlink how to communicate to this specific air frame. The three connection types are XRDUSB, and Network. Again, make sure to give each a name to help differentiate between the multiple connections.


XRD Connection

In order to use an XRD first it needs to be registered. Enter the XRD ID or tap on "Scan QR Code" to enable the QR Reader. This allows for easier ID entry.

USB Connection (Standard for AgEagle)

Use this to control your drone using a USB device (usually a 915 MHz Radio). Just make sure to choose the correct Baud Rate.

Network Connection

Used mainly for testing this allows you to control your drone via your internet connection. Enter the IP Address and Port Number for the network you are using. Timeout controls how long to wait between signal interruptions before the connection is considered "Lost".

Connecting to your Drone

Once you have successfully created your Drone Profile and Connection you can connect to your drone. Go back to the Drone Profile, select your newly created profile, press More Options, press Edit, and press either "No Device Connected" or the Add Button. Select your Connection and press Save. To connect, simply press the Connect button next to the Drone Profile you'd like to connect with. While connected, the corresponding Drone Profile and Connection will be highlighted in green to indicate its current state.

Adding a Camera

Most drones have some sort of sensor on-board, usually a camera, to accomplish a given task. Through Botlink you can add and manage your sensors and their actions.

To setup your camera connect for the first time you must first be connected via a Drone Profile. Once connected you can manually connect using the Add button and selecting Camera. Simply follow the on-screen directions to create the camera connection. Currently the only cameras supported are the GoPro Hero 4 and the Sentera Single.


Once you've connected to a camera, the XRD will remember the last connected camera on start up. So as long as you don't change sensors you will only have to configure it the first time.