Fixed Wing Flight


Follow these steps to start flying your fixed wing drone. If you haven't already created your Drone Profile or a Mission, please follow the links to do so. Once you have a Mission created tap on it to select it.


Use the Mission Preview screen to make sure the flight plan is still correct. If there are any issues or corrections that need to be made use the Edit button. Once you are ready press Mission Upload button.


After choosing a mission to fly you need to follow the pre-flight steps. First, determine which direction the wind is coming from. You will need to manually select the direction.


The next step is to calibrate your airspeed sensor. Shelter the sensor without fully plugging the end of the pitot tube and press the Play button. The autopilot samples the air pressure until the countdown reaches 0. Once you receive a Success! press Next.


For the Takeoff step Botlink will help you determine the best direction for your takeoff. The green dotted triangle is the optimal direction based off of the wind direction and the shaded triangle is your current direction.


The final part of the mission is your landing. There are two distinct points to place; your Loiter to Altitude and Landing. By dragging the Loiter to Altitude point you can pivot around the Landing point to choose the direction and distance of the landing. There is also a toggle on the bottom of the screen to switch between clock-wise and counter clock-wise for the loiter. Dragging the Landing point lets you move both points to a specific landing area.


Once you've completed these steps you upload the Mission to the autopilot. From the Mission Control screen, press and hold the Takeoff button to start your mission! From this screen you can monitor the entire flight, adjust the flight plan, and view a multitude of flight details. If at any point in the flight you need to land simply tap and hold the Pause button to have the drone start the landing sequence.